• Question: how long have u wanted to be a propulsion engineer

    Asked by Lucifer Morningstar to Phil on 8 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Phil Allen

      Phil Allen answered on 8 Mar 2018:

      So I never wanted to be a propulsion engineer specifically, I just wanted to be an engineer working in the space sector. I joined this team because I wanted a top level view role where I can decide how we will be building the system and how it all comes together rather than doing the design or the building work myself. It’s been fun as it’s very different to teams I’ve worked in before (mechanisms, optics, sensors) but it can be very difficult at times!

      After this project is finished I will be moving to the systems team. If you’re new to engineering then in terms of a car a systems engineer doesn’t design the engine or the lights or the wheels but they work out how they all go together so that the car can do all the things you want it to. For satellites they also often design the “mission” which deals with how long it has to work for, what it does each orbit and from that what needs to be in the satellite and what it needs to do.

      What do you want to work in when you leave school?