• Question: if you were leader of the world what would you change and what would you do to make the world better?

    Asked by eviec_07 St.Bridgets to Hollie, Sylwia, Stephen, Phil, Matt, Helen on 13 Mar 2018. This question was also asked by st bridget callum15.
    • Photo: Sylwia Nikel

      Sylwia Nikel answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      Oh, this is a very responsible role to have and to think of what would I change is a very extensive subject. I never fully have been considering what I would change.
      Thinking now the first thing that comes to my mind is to allow equal and free access to education to all people. I believe educated people make better decisions, or tend to. Having more educated society would allow for the changes to be possible to implement easier because everyone would understand why they need to be made.

    • Photo: Hollie Heard

      Hollie Heard answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      That would be a lot of responsibility and a job I might have to think about before accepting. Leader of the world is something that one day may be a possibility rather than the segmented society we have now, and I believe one that will be required if we were truly to reach our greatest potential and expand into the universe. Intergalactic travel, even to the nearest Earth-like planets, would require the combined efforts and resources of the whole planet working together for a common goal. Do I think I’d be up to the task? I’d be willing to give it a go!I would need a huge team of people to think of implement changes to better society, such as education like Sylwia has said, renewable energy or nuclear weapon decommissioning. Whilst we are getting better at global initiatives and everyone working together, I think it’s still a few years off until we are a truly unified planet. Until then, we can only do what we can in our own circles and with the people we meet to try and make things better.What would you do or like to see that could be positive changes?

    • Photo: Stephen Williams

      Stephen Williams answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      I think I would like to see more done about climate change so that would probably be my first priority. Actually this is an area where engineers and scientists could literally save the planet because we need better ways of generating electricity so that we don’t release more carbon into the atmosphere. One of the problems with renewal energy like solar or wind is that we can’t easily store the energy so we need to develop big batteries and who’s the only people that can do that, scientists and engineers. Both Sywia and Hollie have made the point about better and increased access to education which I whole heartedly agree with. I would add that smaller classes would be a step in the right direction. Luckily for the planet me becoming world leader isn’t going to happen.

    • Photo: Helen O'Brien

      Helen O'Brien answered on 14 Mar 2018:

      Wow what a job opportunity. Scary and exciting.
      Climate change would be my first focus. To make some positive change with the climate, we really do need the whole world to agree, so having a single leader would be useful. Start reducing the amount of fossil fuels being burned. Stop deforestation. Start investing more in renewable sources and incentivising everyone to consume less.
      Ohh I would enjoy that!