• Question: if you were to put an astronaut training pack what sort of things would you do with the schools and how would it hepl them in the future

    Asked by zozo15 to Hollie on 13 Mar 2018.
    • Photo: Hollie Heard

      Hollie Heard answered on 13 Mar 2018:

      The training pack would something that I could use, or could be lent to schools, that had various things in to help do some of the challenges that make up Mission X. This is all about getting people active as well as learning about science, and how what we eat and space can affect us though experiments and activities. It’s a six-week programme that officially runs once a year but the activities and programme can be done at any time. It involves a variety of different physical and science activities, challenges and tasks that everyone can get involved in and have fun with! The hope is that as well as getting everyone active and moving about, it can also teach them about lots of different areas from space to nutrition. It’s a programme that means anyone can get involved no matter what they might enjoy such as sports or maths, and develop lots of useful skills for the future such as team work and problem solving. I’m actually going to visit NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in May so I’d see what supplies I could get whilst I was there? Would this be something you would like to get involved in? What sort of activities would you like to do and what would you like to learn? You can maybe ask your teacher to have a look at some of the activities and see how you can fit them into some of your other activities too!